Queue Me In


Queue Me In

The answer to all your office hour Q’s


I am currently a Product Manager on a project team building Queue Me In, a progressive web-app aimed to help streamline TA office hours. Previously, I was a designer for 2 semesters. Our goal is to create a product that makes TA office hours less messy and inefficient. We are currently designing V2 of Queue Me In, launched at https://www.queueme.in, based on user testing in two Cornell computer science courses.


User Research

In Fall of 2017, our team interviewed three groups of people: students, TAs, and professors about their thoughts on office hours. We observed that when office hours are crowded, TAs tend to form a queue on the board. This is effective for 1-1 questions but students often have to wait 15-20 minutes to get their questions answered. Introductory classes tend to have extremely crowded office hours because for many students, it is their first time learning the material. With the influx of students and no system to handle questions, TAs get overwhelmed and students get impatient.

After user research, we created our problem statement:

how might we Make office hours an enjoyable and educational experience for students, tas, and professors?


Market Research